Family Caregiver Program

Family Caregiver SUpport program

Most caregivers are unprepared for their role and typically have no knowledge of where to turn for assistance. The Caregiver Support Program works with caregivers to assist with knowledge, resources and services to assist unpaid caregivers in their roles.


The Family Caregiver Support Program Helps the Following Caregivers

  • Unpaid adults caring for someone who is frail or disabled (60 or older)
  • Unpaid adults caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or a related illness
  • Grandparents or relative caregivers (55 or older) raising a child 18 or younger


Giving Caregivers Choices

Caregivers are unique and so are their challenges. Our caregiver advocates will work one on one with caregivers to provide the assistance that will provide them the most relief for their unique situation. The caregiver program may offer support by providing respite services to the unpaid caregiver. Respite is a short break from caregiving. Respite services may occur in the home, at a senior day program, or short-term facility stay. Our advocates understand the importance of feeling comfortable with care providers therefore our caregivers are able to make the choice of the provider and what type of setting they wish for the care.


Providing the Following Services to Caregivers

Our caregiver advocates also understand the importance of having strong support for caregivers. Therefore, advocates may help caregivers with finding local support groups, online communities and programs that will help support the caregiver during their journey.




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