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208 Water Quality Management

As the designated area wide planning agency for water quality, ACOG is responsible for developing and maintaining a 208 Regional Water Quality Management Plan and determining whether or not wastewater facility construction projects and NPDES/ND permits are consistent with the goals and policies established in this plan.  This 208 conformance review must be completed before DHEC will permit a project.

The ACOG works with local governments and sewer service providers through out the region to develop the Appalachian Regional Water Quality Plan. This plan establishes watershed plans for long term provision of sewer service in the six county Appalachian Region. The plan establishes regional strategies for developing regional sewer infrastructure over a 20 year planning horizon. It also identifies regional treatment facilities and the designated water management agencies are who are responsible for developing and operating the sewer infrastructure needed meet goals and objectives.

Project Certification Procedure

What information is needed with the submission of a certification form?

For all permits the ACOG requires a completed 208 Conformance Certification Application, downloadable from this site, and a location map indicating the where the lines are to be constructed. A full set of engineering plans is not required. 

What fee do I have to pay?

A fee of $265 is required to offset the growing costs of maintaining the Regional Water Quality Management Program. The charges apply to all projects except for those being constructed by public entities such as local government, school districts and other special purpose districts.

Pay 208 Water Quality Certification Fee
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About how long does the review take?

If a plan amendment is not required, the review should not take longer than 5 working days. It often takes less time.

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