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We offer 81/2" x 11" digital Census Tract Maps and pre-printed 17" x 22" Census Tract Maps for Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Oconee, Pickens and Spartanburg Counties.  Call 864-242-9733 to order yours!
 8 1/2" x 11" Basic Map  17" x 22" Detailed Map
We can prepare customized maps to satisfy virtually any client need.  Examples include General Reference Maps, Traffic Count Maps and Colorful "Thematic" Maps to communicate information such as population density or household income.  Maps can also be prepared depicting client-specified features, such as selected schools, churches, businesses, etc.. Please contact the Economic Development Services staff at 864-242-9733 to discuss your needs. Click here to find out more...
InfoMentum Online is a decision support tool for Upstate South Carolina which helps attract business and create jobs.  This online, interactive GIS interface is utilized by city, county and regional economic development agencies to market available industrial properties to industry prospects across the globe.  The tool was developed and is maintained with the support of InfoMentum investors, which include county and city governments and major utilities.  For more information about InfoMentum, and to find out how you can gain access to the online interface as an InfoMentum investor, please contact Brooke Ferguson at 864-242-9733.