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The county was formed in 1868, and the county seat is Walhalla. This area was home to the Cherokees, but the Indians gave up their lands in treaties signed in 1777 and 1816. After the American Revolution, settlers from other parts of the state began moving in, including Germans from Charleston who founded Walhalla in 1850. Oconee County is in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and encompasses rivers, lakes, and forests. As one of South Carolina's most scenic and economically stimulating counties, Oconee County is situated in the northwestern corner of the state and is part of one of the nation's fastest growing areas, the I-85 corridor. With a diversified economic base, Oconee offers a wide variety of occupational and recreational opportunities. The towns of Oconee County are also located on the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor that extends from the Upstate to Charleston. 


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Quick Stats

  2010 2012¹ 
Population*  74,273
75,277 77,477
Pop. 65 & Above* 14,106
14,844 17,179
¹ ESRI Forecasts for 2012 and 2017
* US Bureau of Census, 2010 Census of Population and Housing
  2005-09* 2012** 2017**
Per Capita Personal Income
$23,411 $22,824 $24,945
Median Household Income $41,095  $39,130  $43,592
* US Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 5-year Estimates
** ESRI Forcasts for 2012 & 2017
Gross Retail Sales (x1,000)²
² SC Department of Revenue and Taxation
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