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InfoMentum provides integrated research tools to attract industry and create jobs in Upstate South Carolina. The wide array of regional geographic, demographic, and economic information provided by this customized decision support system enables users to quickly create maps, tables, and high quality graphics.  The end result is a professional, comprehensive presentation of local information customized to satisfy specific client needs.

The suite of services provided by InfoMentum includes:

  •  – A customized, web-based GIS application that provides interactive mapping tools

  • Industrial Database – details for available industrial buildings, sites and parks
  • Fact Finder Database - statistics for 15 categories of socio-economic and quality-of-life factors
  • Special Reports and Services - such as Radius Reports and Traffic Count maps
  • Training and Technical Assistance

For over nineteen years, this system has helped Upstate economic developers and utilities recruit new businesses and coordinate expansion efforts for others.  By providing regional information consistent for all the counties, InfoMentum is a catalyst for fostering regional data partnerships and coordination of community GIS and planning activities.  The InfoMentum program is now fully integrated into the region's economic development and planning activities, enhancing the capacity of local government while bringing new development to the region as a whole. 

InfoMentum has the potential to assist a wider array of businesses with strategic planning, market research and other applications.  Real estate developers, planners, engineering firms, banks and market research firms represent only a few of the industries that could use this cutting-edge technology to make sound decisions that propel them ahead of their competitors.

InfoMentum operates under the guidance of the EDIS Partnership, an unprecedented partnership of county governments, utilities, businesses, and the Appalachian Council of Governments (ACOG).  The Board oversees the work program and budget, and develops policies and procedures. ACOG offers technical support, database design and maintenance, training, administration, and marketing. This unique collaborative effort is funded annually by public and private investment.