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US Postal Zip Code Maps

17" x 22" printed maps available by mail, showing color & labeled US Postal Zip Code Boundaries and transportation features.  Interstates, US Highways and State Highways are labeled, and unlabeled "local" roads are shown for reference.  PRICE: $16.00 (shipping included)

These maps present five-digit ZIP Code areas used by the U.S. Postal Service to deliver mail more effectively.  The first digit of a five-digit ZIP Code divides the United States into 10 large groups of states, numbered from "0" in the Northeast to "9" in the far West.  Within these areas, each state is divided into an average of 10 smaller geographical areas, identified by the second and third digits.  These digits, in conjunction with the first digit, represent a sectional center facility or a mail processing facility area.  The fourth and fifth digits identify a post office station branch or local delivery area.  Source:  ESRI ArcGIS Online; 2011 dataset.

DID YOU KNOW....we can also prepare customized reports that provide 2010 Census demographics and 5-year projections for a user-specified ZIP Code?  Contact Beth Lewis at or 864-242-9733 for more information.


Purchase Zip Code Maps Below:

Anderson County Zip Code Map  17" x 22" $16 
Oconee County Zip Code Map  
17" x 22"   $16  
Cherokee County Zip Code Map  
17" x 22" 
Pickens County Zip Code Map  
17" x 22" 
Greenville County Zip Code Map  
17" x 22" 
Spartanburg County Zip Code Map  
17" x 22"