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Affordable Standardized Maps: census tract boundaries standardized maps are available for a nominal fee.

The 17" x 22" maps are available for online purchase but will be mailed to you.

To purchase online, simply click on the name of the desired county below the map.  These maps are also available in larger format.  Call our office at 864-242-9733 for details and prices.

17" x 22" County Census Tract Maps by Mail

Click on County Name below Map to Purchase

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Customized Mapping & ResearchThe Appalachian Council of Governments offers a variety of customized mapping and research services for the affordable rate of $75 per hour.  Examples of available services include:

  • Preparation of maps showing traffic counts surrounding a client-specified location
  • Preparation of maps illustrating a client-specified study area (i.e. a 5-, 10- or 15-mile radius surrounding a specific location), along with demographic statistics for that area.
  • Preparation of reference maps illustrating client-specified features, such as selected businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Call the Information Services Department at 864-242-9733 for details or to place an order!