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This report has been discontinued.  The 2012 report is still available for purchase by calling the number below.

  Our Apartment Community Survey provides an inventory and analysis for all known conventional and "income-dependent" apartment communities with forty or more units located within Greenville County. Properties are classified by type and are located on maps depicting Housing Market Areas. Pertinent data are presented for each property type. An analysis of occupancy information is presented by market area for rental units. The report also addresses apartment communities under construction and planned.

Occupancy Rates are Provided by
Bedroom Count for Each Market Area

Market Area Maps
Show Property Locations

Colorful Graphs and Charts
Illustrate Trends in the Market



The County Apartment Community Surveys are available for download in printable digital format only.

Our digital documents are in PDF format.  You will need a free viewer to view your documents (if you do not already have the viewer or full-version software).  Click here to access the free viewer download for your document. 

2012 Greenville County Apartment Community Survey (PDF) $30 (call 864-242-9733 to order)

2009-2010 Anderson County Apartment Community Survey (PDF) $15 (call 864-242-9733 to order)

2010-2011 Spartanburg County Apartment Community Survey (PDF) $15 (call 864-242-9733 to order)